Top 20 DevOps Service Provider In The USA

Top 20 DevOps Service Providers

Your digital transformation can be accelerated with DevOps as a service. This enables you to automate software development, reduce delivery costs, and optimize delivery efficiency. However, experienced and qualified DevOps specialists must be more effective on the ground. Where should you look for a reliable DevOps service provider, and how do you pick one with the appropriate skills and expertise? 

Market Overview

North America was leading the adoption of DevOps services, with over 45% of the market share. With a growing interest in cloud computing, the need for DevOps expertise is overgrowing. The global DevOps platform market size is projected to reach USD 26370 million by 2028 from USD 6737.6 million.

Many companies have had to change their business processes in 2022. Some move to the Cloud, while others are trying to reduce the cost of the Cloud and migrate to another cloud. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. All of these companies need DevOps expertise; most of the time, finding one takes time. Therefore, they outsource and seek a reputable DevOps service provider.

Top 20 DevOps Service Providers in the USA

Clutch listed over 5,000 DevOps consulting Companies in the USA. the majority of such vendors are small firms with less than 20 people aboard. Even though DevOps experts typically work in small teams or alone, it is important to find an established company that will become your trusted tech partner. To help you with your search, we have created a list of the 20 most reliable DevOps Consulting service providers.

  1. VoxturrLabs
Top 20 DevOps service providers

VoxturrLabs is a San Francisco-based DevOps consulting company that has been assisting businesses to develop feature-rich software solutions and applications with their experienced and cutting-edge DevOps techniques.

DevOps consulting experts at VoxturrLabs create an intelligent and impeccably designed approach to cater to your business’s goals and objectives. These experts take ownership of end-to-end DevOps consulting, including assessment & identification, planning, implementation, and monitoring.

With best-in-class technology and techniques, like CI/CD pipelines, IaaS, Containers, Microservices, etc., VoxturrLabs & its team of 30+ DevOps experts is an excellent choice for DevOps service provider in the USA.


  • Voxturrlabs is a certified AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Cloud partners
  • Based on proven design paradigms, our Kubernetes engineers have built frameworks for spinning up production-grade infrastructure in AWS, GCP, and on-premises
  • They emphasize security, reliability, availability, and scalability, including cloud solutions, cloud services, access management, DevOps, SecDevOps, and cloud-managed service providers
Top 20 DevOps service providers

A New York-based consulting firm specializing in DevOps, Infrastructure Design, Cloud Migrations, and 24×7 Managed Services,

In addition to architecting & implementing custom enterprise-grade cloud solutions,’s DevOps engineers provide highly available, flexible, scalable & fully managed deployments. With the help of custom CI/CD pipelines and configuration management tools, you can also manage & deploy your apps automatically.


  • Their Kubernetes engineers have set up frameworks for spinning up production-grade infrastructure in GCP, AWS, and on-premise following proven design paradigms 
  • They are an official AWS partner and can help you cut your cloud costs by 20% or more 
  •  They provide 24/7 reactively managed support
  1.  iTechArt
Top 20 DevOps service providers

A startup and fast-growing tech company have relied on iTechArt since 2002 to create feature-rich, user-friendly products. DevOps implementation is an area of expertise at iTechArt, where 1800+ brilliant minds excel.

In addition to strategy development, iTechArt’s DevOps engineers integrate 3rd party tools and utilize best-in-class practices and tools, such as CI/CD pipelines, microservices, containers, and IaaS.


  • iTechArt is certified as an AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Partner. Its DevOps engineers help clients determine areas that need improvement and recommend the best tools and methodologies for the job. 
  • iTechArt proactively track metrics and logs to see how the product and infrastructure impact the end-user experience. This way, TechArt can provide its clients with full visibility, helping them identify issues earlier and plan more efficiently.
  1.  CloudHesive
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Among the top-ranked DevOps service providers, CloudHesive is the most popular. AWS Advanced Consulting and Managed Services Partner is headquartered in Miami, Florida, but services clients worldwide.


  • Cloud-based solutions from AWS emphasize security, reliability, availability, and scalability 
  • These solutions can help companies decrease costs and increase productivity 
  • Cloud-based services from AWS can be used to support public, private, and hybrid clouds 
  • These services can improve security and controls for customers 
  •  AWS is a Cloud-Centric architecture partner that can help customers boost scalability by maximizing DevOps usage
  1.  Ranger 4
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Ranger4 is a leading DevOps Development Consultancy in Europe, focused on enhancing software faster and more securely.

They focus mainly on the cultural traits of DevOps. During their exploration, education, and evolution, they increase profits and profits at almost minimal costs for the industry and the people within it. The focus is mainly on E3, or Exploration, Education, and Evolution.

In addition to offering robust, marketable solutions, their business and IT solutions are integrated and result-oriented.


  • They focus on delivering highly secured DevOps solutions  
  • They benefit customers by providing the DevOps LoopTM  
  • They help customers make decisions and track the notion through the distribution and growth phase and account for the actual business importance
  1.  Xenonstack
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Xenonstack provides and allows endless distribution channels across cloud platforms for improved productivity and lower prices. Automation is supported for both implementations and rollbacks. The main reason why customers choose Xenonstack is that it can help with continuous integration and continuous deployment.

They create microservices using Spring Boot by creating an innovative package. Product distribution is speeded up with DevOps.

As a result of DevOps, higher production, minimal bugs, faster complications resolution, more dependability, and more appropriate software distribution result.


  • They deliver DevOps solutions with the necessary infrastructure security. 
  • They deploy DevOps solutions on-Premises, Public, or Hybrid Cloud. 
  • They introduced the feature of automated Security Alerts. 
  •  Customers mostly use Xenonstack services for development as it supports microservices and serverless computing. 
  • They help you construct and organize your Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models on Docker and Kubernetes.
  1.  Kovair Solutions
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Kovair Intelligent DevOps offers a solution that streamlines and powers performance and monitors real-time metrics. In order to achieve this, the best tools are combined in the development, build, test, and deployment phases in order to permit a click-to-implement process. From requirements through assembly, Kovair integrates development policy and ALM tools.


  • Can be easily put into place 
  • Not costly and saves time 
  • Takes advantage of existing and free resources 
  • Integration of various tools used for different stages of development, distribution, and operations 
  • Generates clear and concise reports, metrics, and KPIs for easy assessment 
  • Continuous testing through the creation of both manual and automated test cases as part of the workflow
  1.  Jfrog
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Jfrog provides an overview of DevOps achievements, such as development speed for modules or code features, with filters for date series, teams, and workflow differences.

With Jfrog, you can send code faster since it provides a modest automation platform. There are regular, predictable, and error-free software announcements from them. Using their DevOps Assembly Lines Platform, you can create event-driven and useful workflows from end-to-end quickly and effortlessly.


  •  They offer continuous integration for Docker-based workflows. 
  •  They support various stages and types of application packages, including executable files, JARs for Java, and TARs for Node.js. 
  •  The analytics add-on is available today, and businesses can access it within the Jfrog UI. 
  • They support automated rollouts and rollbacks.
  1.  Squadex

Founded in 2001, Squadex is a certified Amazon Web Services partner. The focus on DevOps and Big Data applies to using AWS products for customer projects. This includes designing, migrating, or designing customized presentations based on the current state of the software distribution procedure.

DevOps builds the product earlier and faster, cut costs, and improves the quality of the software. They access changes to software design, bring end-to-end explanations, and instruct and train leaders to use DevOps practices. They are DC/OS, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure experts.


  • -They can help your business request changes as per the market needs in a faster way 
  • They get the warnings to fix the bugs at the start, so the cost is reduced. 
  • Quality is better by automated and functional integration tests
  1.  Sematext
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Sematext provides both monitoring and logs management solutions in one package. Sematext Cloud provides organized real-time performance monitoring, log management, alerts, and events to give customers extraordinary visibility into their dynamic infrastructure. Sematext DevOps tools and resources can be used for monitoring, sorting, notifying, continuous integration and deployment, configuration administration, and more.


  • They make DevOps easier by providing a single platform for organizing Metrics, Logs, Events, Alerts, Anomalies, and Dashboards. 
  • They deliver secure DevOps solutions to customers. 
  • They provide a single stage for log management, tracking, and managing performance. 
  • They make DevOps simpler and easier under one platform. It helps associate metrics and logs and provides a single stage for managing performance.
  1.  CloudBees
Top 20 DevOps service providers

CloudBees uses Jenkins as its platform for DevOps. Jenkins is known for its reliability, and adding enterprise-class safety, constancy, and manageability only strengthens this. CloudBees Jenkins infrastructure starts with intuitive security, and its real-time dashboards provide total reflectivity.


  • The Jenkins infrastructure is highly available and robust, making it easy to manage and start new projects in a few minutes. It is also highly secure and cuts costs, while providing limitless expansion and built-in elasticity that reduces its cost.
  1.  CloudMunch

CloudMunch makes DevOps easier by providing a powerful, flexible, full-featured platform for delivering applications continuously. With CloudMunch, customers can now easily handle and monitor DevOps standards. CloudMunch uses the JFrog Insight tool for DevOps configuration. The CloudMunch DevOps Platform is a pre-integrated, automated software delivery platform that includes components for creating automation, manufacturing workflow supervision, test automation, distribution automation, and release management.


  • They Provide user satisfaction by delivering the software faster and at a lower price.  
  • CloudMunch provides a wide-range image of the DevOps system and process.  
  • Provides metrics at the instance level so that you can optimize your process.
  1.  OpenMake Software
Top 20 DevOps service providers

OpenMake Software provides accessible Agile DevOps solutions that resolve continuous delivery complications. OpenMake’s software release results incorporate their present tools and do not use for multi-platform endpoints. It is already a Catalyst system for DevOps provider organizations. Some of the OpenMake software products are OpenMake Meister for building automated software and OpenMake Deploy Hub for Multi-Platform software release automation.


  • – Automated requests help remove the complication of software agents and issues.
  • Software can be formed and issued 12x quickly and at a low cost. 
  • Practices can be implemented in tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, and GitHub.
  1.  MSys Technology

At MSys, they deeply understand DevOps tools like Chef, Jenkins, Puppet, Vagrant, and Packer. We follow a strict CI/CD pipeline for all our DevOps projects, allowing teams to spend less time fixing bugs and more time developing new features. MSys DevOps services can help you speed up delivery whether you follow ITIL, Agile, or something else. In turn, this will increase throughput and value while reducing time to market.


  • They offer product development services to create service containers based on microservices design principles.
  • They use Apache Mesos for orchestration and have an integrated cloud for containers and supplementary tooling.
  •  The system is based on Docker containers, with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.
  • The system is based on Docker containers, with configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, and Chef. 
  • They use Apache Mesos for orchestration and have an integrated cloud for containers and supplementary tooling. 
  1.  Cubet Techno Labs Pvt Ltd

Cubet Techno Labs can provide support related to DevOps, which emphasizes sharing resources and creating repeatable collaborative processes. They use agile principles to create cross-functional teams, including developers, IT Ops, and Quality Analysis. Cubet helps companies to code faster by providing the simplest automation platform. This makes the software more predictable and error-free. DevOps cuts cost over time and improves corporate agility.


  • Incorporating DevOps tools into a Service Delivery Policy helps cut customer costs by allowing for fast and quick distribution of new features.
  • Constant Distribution and disposition provided by Cubet help ensure new features are constantly delivered to customers.
  1.  Happiest Minds
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Happiest Minds DevOps solutions use a method that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, and automation to eliminate bottlenecks in software development and ensure agile deployment of software-driven innovation. Their DevOps solutions reduce the gaps between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations, allowing you to rapidly create software products and infrastructure by significantly improving workflows.


  • Automatic provisioning allows servers to be topped up in minutes, removing the formal gap between servers.  
  • Cooperation in developing and organizing software allows servers to be topped up in minutes, removing the formal gap between servers.
  1. nClouds
Top 20 DevOps service providers

nClouds provides industry-leading structures, tools, and services to support software development and distribution. nClouds DevOps solution programs your software distribution development procedures to progress cooperation, managing, and reporting. ncloud forms structures that are completely safe from outside threats and will progress your invention speed and occupational alertness.


  • -They have a lot of experience, and they’re very good at what they do 
  • They’re AWS Advanced Consulting Partners, AWS Managed Service Partners, and AWS Approved Well-Architected Partners 
  • They have a lot of knowledge, and they’re always coming up with new solutions 
  • They use a combination of open-source tools and paid services to create and maintain your DevOps infrastructure
  1.  Oracle
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Oracle is a cloud-based distribution stage that supports creators and increases groups to cut risk and remove unwanted by testing and organizing their code. DevOps has prepared somewhat to boost communication, teamwork, and incorporation. A Dockers-built continuous distribution policy benefits developers, designers, and testers by making their work easy and organized using the DevOps platform.


  • Oracle uses Containerization, which is less weight virtualization, to allow methods to run in separation
  • Dockers are used to producing extremely distributed structures
  • Oracle can resolve the distribution difficulty with a well-made UI feature
  • They incorporate version control tools like GitHub and Bitbucket, IaaS and PaaS suppliers like OpenShift, and AWS, and notifiers like Slack and IRC
  1.  ScienceSoft
Top 20 DevOps service providers

If you’re looking for help with DevOps, ScienceSoft is a great option. ScienceSoft have over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, and we’ve been doing DevOps since 2013. They have a portfolio of 900+ cloud projects, so they know how to efficiently manage dev, test, and prod operations. With there DevOps consulting services, companies can automate their IT operations, achieve fast and reliable releases, and build sustainable and high-quality solutions.


  • Providing end-to-end DevOps implementation services, including IT infrastructure assessment and DevOps strategy planning, virtualization, app containerization, orchestration, CI/CD setup, infrastructure automation (IaC), test automation, and automated application monitoring 
  • Rehosting, re-engineering, and refactoring legacy monolithic applications to benefit from DevOps practices to the fullest 
  • Training in-house development, QA, and operations specialists on DevOps tools and processes (e.g., CI/CD, infrastructure automation) 
  • Having a team of 700+ IT talents on board, including DevOps engineers, developers covering a variety of technology stacks, solution architects, and security experts 
  • Working with all key DevOps tools, such as Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, SaltStack, Terraform, AWS Developer Tools, Azure DevOps, GCP developer tools, Jenkins, TeamCity, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, and Datadog
  1.  Karya Technologies
Top 20 DevOps service providers

Karya’s DevOps specialists utilize the best practices from various IT organizations to achieve their objectives. They can evaluate, plan, and distribute end-to-end facilities. KARYA’s DevOps Services help Worldwide IT organizations bridge the gap between directors by providing support and resources for their Form, Test, Organize, and Monitor processes, resulting in quicker statements with higher quality levels.

Take advantage of these 20 Top DevOps Service providers to narrow your search and implement a robust, flexible, and scalable business structure. This fast-growing DevOps technology is certainly beneficial to all types of businesses, regardless of their size.