Transforming Asia’s Biggest News Agency From
Legacy Systems To Modern Technology
With Digital Transformation & App Modernization

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Client Overview

Asia’s one of the biggest news agencies headquartered in New Delhi, India, with a vast network of reporters and correspondents covering news all over Asia. With over 150 news bureaus and 1,000 employees, they are a trusted source of news for millions of people worldwide.

The company seeks to improve the aesthetics and usability of its digital presence. VoxturrLabs offers 360° digital transformation of their existing websites, portals and app modernization



Business Type



Digital Transformation &
App Modernization



App Downloads

1.6M+ straight right arrow 7

Monthly Website Traffic


Impactful Business Solutions

VoxturrLabs recommended a comprehensive solution plan focused on developing a faster, more responsive, and user-friendly website and mobile application.

All-Encompassing Website
Rejuvenation for Business Success

Project Duration 

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6 Months  

1576 Recovered 14
  • VoxturrLabs upgraded the website outdated framework to a faster framework for improved speed, scalability, and database handling..
  • VoxturrLabs boosted traffic and visibility through SEO strategies like content optimization and metadata enhancement.
  • VoxturrLabs designed a user-friendly interface with optimal usability through testing and adjustments.
1576 Recovered 14

Personalized Digital Gateways: Elevating Online Experiences

1576 Recovered 18

Wire Portal

Created a wire portal for effortless news dissemination among media outlets in text form.

1576 Recovered 16

Picture Portal

Established a picture portal to enrich news reporting with high-quality visuals.

1576 Recovered 17

Multimedia Portal

Developed a multimedia portal to engage and inform users with various media content.

Next-Gen Application Design:
Blending Art and Technology

Project Duration 

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3 Months  

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  • Created a mobile app featuring current news and customizable content feeds for user engagement.
  • Utilized retention strategies like push notifications, personalized content, and social sharing to engage users.
  • Emphasized user acquisition through app store optimization, social media advertising, and media partnerships.
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The Impact!

1576 Recovered 6
Old Version
  • Outdated technology led to slow loading, security issues &
    limited online presence.
  • Inadequate server, code, & CDN caused slow website response
  • Suboptimal website structure & metadata hindered search
    engine discoverability.
  • Limited reach, high bounce rates, & irrelevant content hurt
    audience engagement.
  • Poor user interaction due to suboptimal interface, UX testing &
    feedback mechanisms.
  • Lack of customized portals for B2B clients led to suboptimal
1576 Recovered 2
New Version
  • The newly developed website boasts an advanced technology stack for optimal performance and enhanced online presence.
  • Efficient server configurations and CDN integration have optimized the website for faster response times.
  • The website’s search engine discoverability has been improved through metadata and website structure optimization.
  • Personalized and relevant content ensures an optimal user experience and increased audience reach.
  • Adequate user experience testing and feedback mechanisms have improved the website’s user interface design.
  • Three customized portals provide B2B clients with a stress-free experience catering to specific news content.


100k+ Downloads

Result Witnessed With
The Creation Of Mobile

  • Over 100K+ downloads and 4.3 average rating across on both Play Store and App Store
  • Monthly number of user increased by 10 times shortly after the release
  • Incresed ‘stickiness’ among customers using App
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4.3  stars

App & Play Store Rating

100k+  straight right arrow 7

App Downloads

1.6M+ straight right arrow 7

Monthly Website Traffic

2M+  straight right arrow 7

Monthly Page Views

Tools Used

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Define User Goals, Business Goals By Creating Brand Atttributes, User Personas, CJM & Empathy Map


Create User Flow, Card Sorting & Information Architecture Of Possible Features & Sections to Add


Sketches, Wireframing, Hi-Fi Designing,


Regular updates, verify and debugging app

Testing & Feedback

Testing Prototype, Getting Feedback, Executing Improvements, Final Presentation


Implementing feedbacks, setting up system

Key Challenges

VoxturrLabs faced several challenges requiring creative 
solutions during development.

Ensuring Optimal Performance

This News agency’s website had a large database and high traffic volume, making it challenging to ensure optimal performance. VoxturrLabs implemented various caching techniques and cloud native optimization strategies to improve website performance and reduce loading times.

Competition Analysis

Content was diverse and complex, requiring a custom content management system (CMS) that would allow their team to manage content efficiently. VoxturrLabs developed a robust CMS system that was easy to use and could handle its diverse content.

Addressing Cross-Platform Compatibility

The mobile application was developed to be compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. VoxturrLabs addressed this challenge by developing the mobile application using the Flutter framework, which enabled cross-platform compatibility.

Addressing Security Concerns 

The website and mobile application needed to be secure, ensuring user data was protected from unauthorized access. VoxturrLabs implemented robust cloud security protocols and encryption techniques to ensure maximum security and privacy.

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  • The news agency’s website underwent significant improvements, including a modern technology stack, optimized server configurations, streamlined code, and adequate CDN integration.
  • User experience was prioritized through website structure optimization, personalized content, and a
    cutting-edge mobile application.
  • Three customized portals catered to specific forms of news content for B2B clients.
  • The website’s monthly traffic increased to 16 million in just one month, with over 2 million active users.
  • Improved website performance, user experience, and online presence contributed to audience reach and engagement.
  • The improvements made have led to an enhanced competitive position in the online landscape, higher user satisfaction and engagement, and improved business outcomes.

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