Improving Efficiency of On-ground Marketing
Campaigns: A Project Management App by Samplrr

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Client Overview 

Our journey with Samplrr began with a vision to create a unique project management application tailored to optimize on-ground marketing campaigns. The proposed app was expected to possess multifaceted capabilities, including real-time form submission, reporting functionalities for event and brand managers, geo-location monitoring, and dedicated event management dashboards.


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  • Real-time Reporting and Form Submission: Implementing a robust system that could provide real-time reporting and form submission posed a substantial challenge. Real-time data exchange needed to be accurate, swift, and reliable, given the dynamic nature of on-ground marketing campaigns.
  • Geo-location Monitoring: Crafting an efficient geo-location monitoring feature was a complex task, mainly due to the necessity of delivering reliable and precise location tracking across various terrains and regions.
  • Event Management Dashboards: Building a comprehensive, user-friendly event management dashboard was another significant hurdle. The dashboard needed to provide a clear, holistic view of various campaign facets and be easily navigable for users of varying tech proficiency levels.
  • Data Security and Privacy: With the app collecting sensitive information such as user location data and real-time reports, ensuring data security and privacy was a significant concern.
  • Scalability: The app needed to support many users simultaneously without compromising speed or performance. This demanded a robust architecture capable of scaling up as user numbers grew
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  • Real-time Reporting and Form Submission: We leveraged the power of advanced serverless architecture and secure APIs to ensure seamless real-time updates. We could ensure instantaneous and reliable data transfer by integrating cloud computing technology.
  • Geo-location Monitoring: To overcome the challenge of geo-location monitoring, we utilized cutting-edge geo-location APIs and built an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. This innovative solution provided accurate and reliable location tracking, allowing managers to monitor the progress of their campaigns effectively.
  • Event Management Dashboards: We focused on designing a user-centric dashboard with easy navigation and a clean design. We integrated data visualization tools for real-time analytics to provide a holistic view of campaign performance. This allowed for a simplified yet comprehensive overview of ongoing campaigns.
  • Data Security and Privacy: We understood the importance of maintaining data security and privacy and tackled this challenge head-on. We implemented stringent encryption measures and secure user authentication protocols to protect sensitive information. Additionally, we ensured that our data handling practices complied with all relevant data privacy regulations, offering users peace of mind.
  • Scalability: We designed a scalable cloud-based architecture, allowing us to handle more users without affecting the app’s performance. Using load balancing and auto-scaling techniques ensured the system could adapt to fluctuating user demand, maintaining a seamless user experience even during peak usage times.

Tools Used

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Define User Goals, Business Goals By Creating Brand Attributes, User Personas, CJM & Empathy Map


Create User Flow, Card Sorting & Information Architecture Of Possible Features & Sections to Add


Sketches, Wireframing, Hi-Fi Designing,


Regular updates, verify, and debugging
of the app

Testing & Feedback

Testing Prototype, Getting Feedback, Executing
Improvements, Final Presentation


Implementing feedback, setting 
up the system

Key Challenges

During the development of Samplrr’s project management app, we faced a few key challenges that demanded innovative solutions:

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Implementing reliable Real-time Reporting and Form Submission for instantaneous data transfer and feedback

Designing efficient Geo-location Monitoring for accurate tracking across various terrains and regions.

Building a user-friendly, comprehensive Event Management Dashboard
for easy navigation and a holistic view of campaigns.

Ensuring Data Security and Privacy, given the sensitive nature of data such as user location and real-time reports.

Providing a robust, scalable architecture capable of supporting many users simultaneously without compromising on speed or performance, i.e., Scalability.

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  • Increased Efficiency: The real-time form submission and reporting capabilities drastically reduced the response time, allowing immediate action on any developments in the campaign. This improved the overall efficiency and productivity of the teams involved.
  • Enhanced Monitoring:  The geo-location tracking feature offered detailed insights into the progress and performance of campaigns, regardless of the manager’s physical location. This unprecedented level of control over campaigns greatly enhanced the monitoring process.
  • User-friendly Management: The event management dashboards provided a comprehensive yet intuitive campaign management interface. The management process became simpler and more streamlined with easy navigation and real-time analytics.
  • Data Security: By implementing stringent security protocols, the app offered a secure environment for sensitive data, such as user location and real-time reports. This met regulatory compliance and boosted user confidence in the app.
  • Scalability: The robust, scalable app architecture ensured smooth performance even during peak usage times. This meant the app could efficiently cater to growing users without compromising speed or performance.
  • Data-Driven Growth: Leveraging the app’s analytics, the company gained valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to make more informed decisions and drive a 25% increase in sales.

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