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Project Overview

The residential smart city app, named “WAVE Resident,” was launched in 2022 in a mid-sized city. Wave City’s need to improve the quality of life for its residents and partnered with VoxutrrLabs, a leading digital transformation firm, to develop an all-in-one digital solution that addresses the challenges faced by residential communities, streamlines communication between residents and property managers, and fosters a sense of community.

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Tools Used

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  • Crafting a comprehensive app: Integrating diverse functionalities into an intuitive, scalable, and secure application posed a complex challenge, demanding seamless design and adaptability.
  • Unifying communication channels: Fragmented communication methods led to miscommunication and dissatisfaction, requiring a cohesive solution to streamline interactions.
  • Simplifying maintenance requests: The disorganized and time-consuming process frustrated both residents and property managers, necessitating an efficient, centralized system.
  • Boosting community engagement: The lack of a dedicated platform for event planning and promotion hindered resident involvement and made gauging success difficult.


  • All-in-one solution: The app skillfully combined multiple functions within an intuitive, scalable, and secure interface, catering to the unique needs of diverse residential communities.
  • Streamlined communication: The app’s unified messaging and notifications feature enhanced interactions, eliminating the need for multiple channels and reducing miscommunication.
  • Centralized maintenance management: A built-in maintenance request system simplified submission, tracking, and prioritization, increasing efficiency and resident satisfaction.
  • Dynamic event platform: An integrated event management feature empowered seamless planning, promotion, and participation, fostering a stronger sense of community.


Design Process

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Analysis of other existing competitors in the market

First, I search existing apps on the play store related to security management and got some interesting apps like My Gate, NoBrokerhood, Adda, and Apna Complex. I read reviews of people which helped me to understand users better and help to understand the market condition.


  • Some apps provide digital cards for approval but user face problems in handling them.
  • Multiple advertisements can waste user time and focus diverted
  • Different society-related information is delivered through an app.


User Persona

Data collected from user interviews helped in the process. Persona gives me a complete idea of my target user’s goals, frustration, and nature. So, I can design a simple and clear path.

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  • Name
  • Girish Sharma
  • Age
  • 28
  • Profession
  • Software Engineer
  • Location
  • Noida

user img Bio

Girish recently moved to Wave to start a new job as a software engineer at a tech startup. He enjoys living in his apartment complex but has found it challenging to keep up with community news and interact with his neighbors. In his spare time, Girish likes attending local tech meetups, trying out new restaurants, and hiking with friends.

goal Goals

  • Stay informed about community news and announcements
  • Easily submit and track maintenance requests
  • Engage with neighbours through community events
  • Have a convenient platform for communication with property management

challenges Challenges

  • Keeping track of various communication methods
  • Waiting for maintenance issues to be addressed
  • Finding information about community events and activities
  • Feeling disconnected from the community
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  • Name
  • Sarah
  • Age
  • 35
  • Profession
  • Property Manager
  • Location
  • Noida

user img Bio

Sarah has been working as a property manager for over 10 years, overseeing multiple residential properties in Noida. She prides herself on maintaining strong relationships with her residents and promptly meeting their needs. Sarah enjoys organizing community events to unite residents and foster a sense of belonging. In her free time, she loves to explore the outdoors and spend time with her family.

goal Goals

  • Improve communication with residents
  • Streamline maintenance request management
  • Enhance community engagement through events and activities
  • Increase overall resident satisfaction

challenges Challenges

  • Juggling multiple communication channels
  • Prioritizing and tracking maintenance requests
  • Planning and promoting community events
  • Addressing diverse needs of residents
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  • Name
  • Jyoti Patel
  • Age
  • 45
  • Profession
  • Marketing Manager
  • Location
  • Noida

user img Bio

Jyoti has been an active member of her homeowners’ association for the past five years. As a marketing manager, she brings her communication and organizational skills to the table, helping to create a well-connected and harmonious community. Jyoti is passionate about involving residents in community events and ensuring everyone’s voice is heard.

goal Goals

  • Improve communication within the community
  • Monitor and manage property-related concerns
  • Encourage resident participation in community events
  • Maintain a harmonious and well-organized community

challenges Challenges

  • Disseminating important information to all residents
  • Overseeing maintenance request management
  • Promoting events and activities to boost engagement
  • Balancing the needs of various stakeholders



design wireframe

Final Screen

final screen wireframe

20+ Screens

Impact on User Experience

The Wave Residential Smart City App has significantly impacted user experience by providing a one-stop solution for managing all aspects of residential life. The app’s intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate features have led to increased user satisfaction and a more streamlined approach to managing residential services.

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  1. Enhanced Security: The app’s OTP-based authentication and visitor approval system have improved security and give residents greater control over access to their residential areas.

  2. Simplified Service Management: The app’s service request feature has made it easier for residents to report issues and track their resolution, leading to more efficient service delivery.

  3. Improved Utility Management: The bills and utility features have made it simpler for residents to monitor their usage, pay bills, and stay informed about their consumption patterns.

  4. Increased Community Engagement: Features like event information, resident directory, and help contacts have fostered a sense of community among residents and made it easier to stay connected with neighbors.

  5. Convenient Access to Services: The app’s citizen services section provides users quick access to important amenities like supermarkets and concierge services.

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