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Project Overview

ThinkSmartz is a revolutionary mobile application that aims to simplify personal finance management and retirement planning. It offers a wide range of features, such as budget management, retirement planning, investment management, financial goal setting, and financial education, all designed to help users take control of their financial lives. The project was initiated in 2021 by a team of financial experts and software engineers who recognized a gap in the market for a comprehensive and user-friendly personal finance tool.

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smartz project overview

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Problem Statement 

  • The complexity of personal finance: Many individuals struggle to understand complex financial concepts and terminology, hindering their decision-making about their financial well-being.
  • Fragmented financial management: Managing multiple financial accounts, investments, and goals can be overwhelming and time-consuming for individuals who lack the necessary tools and expertise.
  • Lack of personalized advice: Generic financial advice may not be suitable for everyone, as each individual’s financial situation and goals are unique.
  • Low financial literacy: A lack of financial education can lead to poor financial decision-making and difficulty in achieving long-term financial stability and security.

Solution Statement 

  • User-friendly interface:  ThinkSmartz offers an intuitive and customizable dashboard that simplifies complex financial data, making it accessible and understandable for users.
  • Comprehensive financial management:  The app integrates various financial accounts and investment platforms, allowing users to manage their entire financial life in one place.
  • Personalized recommendations: ThinkSmartz uses advanced algorithms to provide tailored advice based on users’ unique financial situations and goals.
  • Financial education: The app features an extensive library of educational resources to help users improve their financial literacy and make informed decisions about their financial future.


Design Process

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The initial stage of the design process for ThinkSmartz strongly emphasizes gaining a comprehensive understanding of users’ needs, difficulties, and aspirations concerning personal finance management and retirement planning. This phase is vital for developing a user-centered solution that effectively addresses users’ concerns and improves their financial well-being.

 Activities were carried out!

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  • Focus Groups: The ThinkSmartz team organized focus group discussions with potential users from diverse backgrounds and life stages. These discussions facilitated a deeper understanding of users’ financial behaviors, objectives, challenges, feelings, and thoughts about personal finance management and retirement planning.
  • Online Surveys: The team used online surveys to reach a wider audience and collect quantitative data on users’ financial literacy, confidence levels, and preferences. This data enabled the team to detect common patterns and trends across various user segments.
  • Diary Studies: Participants were asked to document their experiences and interactions with existing personal finance tools and services over a period of time. By examining users’ day-to-day experiences, the team identified areas where ThinkSmartz could improve upon current offerings.
  • Competitive Analysis: The team thoroughly analyzed current personal finance management tools and retirement planning applications to grasp the competitive environment and pinpoint market gaps. This research offered valuable insights into the features and functions users found useful and areas where competitors were lacking.
  • User Persona Development: Based on the gathered data and insights, the team crafted detailed user personas that represented the diverse needs and goals of the target audience. These personas enabled the team to empathize with users, ensuring that Think Smartz’s design and features met their specific requirements.
  • Journey Mapping: The team developed journey maps for each user persona to visualize their interactions and experiences throughout the personal finance management and retirement planning process. These journey maps allowed the team to identify potential pain points and opportunities to address in ThinkSmartz’s design.
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Define Phase

User Persona

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The Young Professional

  • Age
  • 28
  • Occupation
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Location
  • Austin, TX
  • Marital Status
  • Single
  • Income
  • $55,000 per year


Emily, a 28-year-old marketing specialist in Austin, TX, is working hard to pay off her $35,000 student loans and dreams of owning a home. She’s seeking a user-friendly tool to manage her budget, pay off loans, and start investing.


  • Pay off her $35,000 in student loans.
  • Save for a down payment on a house within the next five years.
  • Start investing for long-term financial growth.


  • Limited financial knowledge and experience.
  • She has difficulty in managing her budget and finding ways to save more.
  • Uncertainty about where to begin with investing.

Empathy Mapping


  • Friends and colleagues discussing their financial successes and investments.
  • Advertisements and promotions for various financial products and services.
  • News and social media posts about the importance of financial planning.

Think and Feel

  • Overwhelmed by managing finances and paying off student loans.
  • Unsure about the best strategies for saving and investing.
  • Concerned about making mistakes and facing long-term consequences.
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  • Advice from family members about the importance of saving and investing.
  • Podcasts and webinars discussing personal finance and investment strategies.
  • Stories from friends about their financial struggles and successes.

Say and Do

  • Talks about wanting to pay off student loans and save for a house.
  • Research financial strategies online and experiments with budgeting tools.
  • Seeks advice from friends, family, and online communities.

User Persona

user photo2

John and Sarah

The Middle-Aged Couple

  • Age
  • 45 & 43
  • Occupation
  • John (Software Engineer), Sarah (Nurse)
  • Location
  • Seattle, WA
  • Marital Status
  • Married with two children
  • Income
  • $180,000 per year


John and Sarah, a married couple from Seattle with two children, aim to balance their financial goals, pay off their mortgage, and plan for retirement. They’re searching for a comprehensive tool to help them prioritize savings and investments.


  • Save for their children’s college education.
  • Pay off their mortgage within the next ten years.
  • Plan for a comfortable retirement at the age of 65.


  • Balancing various financial goals and priorities.
  • Ensuring they have enough saved for retirement.
  • Managing their investments across multiple accounts and platforms.

Empathy Mapping


  • Other parents discuss college savings and retirement planning.
  • Financial news and articles on the importance of long-term planning.
  • Advertisements for various financial products and services.

Think and Feel

  • Overwhelmed by balancing various financial goals and priorities.
  • Concerned about saving enough for their children’s education and their own retirement.
  • Uncertain about managing their investments effectively.
user maping2


  • Financial advice from family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Podcasts and webinars on personal finance, savings, and investments.
  • Stories about people who have successfully planned for their future.

Say and Do

  • Discuss their financial goals and concerns with each other.
  • Research financial strategies and tools to help them achieve their goals.
  • Seek advice from trusted sources and professional financial advisors.

User Persona



A Recent Retiree

  • Age
  • 67
  • Occupation
  • Retired School Teacher
  • Location
  • Naples, FL
  • Marital Status
  • Widowed
  • Income
  • $45,000 per year (pension and social security)


Linda, a 67-year-old widow and retired teacher, seeks a financial management tool to navigate her retirement income and maintain her lifestyle. She wants personalized advice for managing her finances and safeguarding her savings.


  • Manage her retirement income to ensure it lasts throughout her retirement.
  • Safeguard her savings against inflation and market volatility.
  • Maintain her current lifestyle and afford occasional travel.


  • Limited experience with managing her finances independently.
  • Fear of outliving her retirement savings.
  • She has difficulty in understanding the impact of market fluctuations on her investments.

Empathy Mapping


  • Other retirees enjoy their retirement and traveling.
  • Financial news and articles discussing investment strategies for retirees.
  • Advertisements for retirement planning and financial management services.

Think and Feel

  • Anxious about managing her finances independently
  • Concerned about outliving her retirement savings.
  • Unsure about how market fluctuations impact her investments.
user maping3


  • Financial advice from family, friends, and former colleagues.
  • Podcasts and webinars discussing retirement income management.
  • Stories about people who have successfully navigated their retirement finances.

Say and Do

  • Expresses concerns about managing her finances alone.
  • Researches financial strategies and tools to help her during retirement.
  • Seeks advice from trusted sources and professional financial advisors.

Design Phase


smartz wireframes

Final Screen

smartz final screen

Key Challenges

smartz key challenges img
  • Diverse User Needs: Creating a platform addressing unique requirements of various user personas while remaining user-friendly and accessible.
  • Simplifying Concepts: Present complex financial concepts in a manner that users can easily understand and apply to their financial planning.
  • Personalization: Developing an algorithm capable of delivering tailored financial guidance based on each user’s unique situation and goals.
  • Data Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive financial data and gain users’ trust.
  • Integration: Ensuring seamless integration with external financial services and platforms like banks and investment brokers.
  • User Engagement: Designing an app that attracts and retains users while keeping them committed to their financial goals in the long term.
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  • Improved financial awareness:  ThinkSmartz has successfully helped users better understand their financial situation, empowering them to make more informed  decisions about their spending and saving habits.
  • Increased savings and reduced debt:  Users have experienced increased savings and reduced debt due to the app’s tailored budget management and goal-setting recommendations. Users have experienced increased savings and reduced debt due to the app’s tailored budget management and goal-setting recommendations.
  • Enhanced retirement preparedness: ThinkSmartz’s comprehensive retirement planning feature has provided users with a clear roadmap to achieve their retirement goals, resulting in increased confidence in their post-career financial stability.
  • Improved financial literacy: The app’s educational resources have significantly increased users’ financial knowledge, equipping them with the skills needed to make smart financial decisions.

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