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Cloud and devops consulting service

Legacy App Modernisation

Refactor and modernize your legacy application without affecting your business operations. With cloud native architecture, old legacy systems can be modernized and brought up to date.

Cloud and devops consulting service

Microservice Development

Combining Agile and DevOps essential principles with microservice architecture will increase productivity, scalability, resilience, and robustness.

Cloud and devops consulting services

Monitoring & Management

Our team of experts constantly track your cloud infrastructure to keep a check on unusual errors. Our goal is to enable a through & through positive experience for the end users.

Cloud and devops consulting services

Integration & Delivery

Continuous integration and quick delivery cycles are crucial for development. Our team tests software releases while keeping a check on the new features, with API driven automation tools.

Cloud and devops consulting service

Container Orchestration

Manage microservice architecture and containers, with a framework provided by credible container orchestration tools.

Cloud and devops consulting services

Project Recovery

Our DevOps consulting will breathe a new life into your failing project. We use the latest technology & tools, while focusing on delivering a product that is error-free and seamless.

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VoxturrLabs’ Cloud and DevOps Process, Driving Seamless Innovation with Confidence


We assess our client’s current IT environment and create a roadmap for cloud and DevOps implementation, starting with a thorough understanding of their business goals, objectives, and IT infrastructure.

Design & Planning

Our experts collaborate with the client’s IT team to design an architecture that meets their business requirements and a DevOps implementation plan.


We work with the client’s IT team to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud, including DevOps practices such as continuous integration, delivery, and automation.


Before going live, we test the new infrastructure to ensure everything works as expected. We perform different types of tests, including integration testing, performance testing, and security testing.


After successful testing, we deploy the new infrastructure and provide training for the client’s IT team to manage the new environment effectively.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously analyze and optimize the environment’s performance and identify opportunities to improve the DevOps implementation to align with the client’s business objectives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to some questions related to cloud and devops consulting services which are frequently asked by our clients.

    What are the benefits of VoxturrLabs Cloud and DevOps consulting services?

    VoxturrLabs Cloud and DevOps consulting services include reduced time-to-market, increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved security, and scalability.

    We offer Cloud and DevOps consulting services to organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, that want to move their infrastructure to the cloud and use DevOps best practices.

    VoxturrLabs Cloud and DevOps consulting services provide a wide range of services, including cloud migration, cloud architecture, infrastructure automation, continuous integration and deployment, security and compliance, and DevOps training and coaching.

    The cost of VoxturrLabs Cloud and DevOps consulting services depends on each client’s specific needs. We provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization.

    You can get in touch with our cloud and devops consulting experts. We will then provide you with a proposal outlining our proposed solution and pricing. Our team will get started on your project once you approve.

    We follow best practices and use industry-standard tools to ensure security and compliance. We work closely with clients to ensure their applications and infrastructure meet all necessary security and compliance requirements.