Crafting Taamara’s Success A Stellar
Headless E-commerce Transition with Saleor

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Project Objective

Our main objectives were to help Taamara establish a strong online presence, create a user-centric e-commerce platform that reflects its brand ethos, and ensure a smooth and engaging shopping experience for its customers. We aimed to achieve this while focusing on website speed and accessibility using Saleor, an innovative headless e-commerce solution.

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Business Type



Digital transformation
& Social Media Marketing

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Tools Used

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  • Developing a Robust Online Presence: Taamara, despite being a well-established brand in the physical retail space, had little to no digital presence. In the increasingly digital world, this was a considerably missed opportunity.
  • Maintaining Brand Identity: The transition to digital posed a risk to the brand identity that Taamara had carefully built over the years. Maintaining and translating this brand essence in the digital space was crucial.
  • User Experience and Accessibility: A smooth and accessible online shopping experience are crucial for customer satisfaction and conversions. This includes quick load times, mobile-friendly design, intuitive navigation, and a streamlined checkout process.
  • Secure and Seamless Transactions: Ensuring safe and seamless transactions is crucial for building trust with online shoppers.
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  • VoxturrLabs designed a comprehensive digital strategy which included the development of a user-friendly headless e-commerce platform, a strong SEO foundation for increased visibility, and a tailored social media campaign to extend their reach and engagement further.
  • VoxturrLabs worked closely with Taamara to deeply understand its brand. This led to creation of a unique, visually engaging website design that truly reflected Taamara’s identity and ethos, providing a seamless brand experience for customers.
  • VoxturrLabs was able to build a high-performance, accessible website. Saleor’s GraphQL API ensured excellent load speed, while its customizable nature allowed us to design an intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform.
  • We integrated secure, reliable payment gateways into the e-commerce platform and designed a smooth checkout process. This instilled confidence in customers about their transactions’ security, promoting sales and customer loyalty.



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Define User Goals, Business Goals By Creating Brand Attributes, User Personas, CJM & Empathy Map


Create User Flow, Card Sorting & Information Architecture Of Possible Features & Sections to Add


Sketches, Wireframing, Hi-Fi Designing,


Regular updates, verify, and debugging
of the app

Testing & Feedback

Testing Prototype, Getting Feedback, Executing
Improvements, Final Presentation


Implementing feedback, setting 
up the system

Key Challenges

VoxturrLabs faced several challenges requiring creative solutions during development.

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Transitioning to a Digital Platform

One of the main challenges was helping Taamara, a traditional brick-and-mortar brand, transition to an online marketplace. This required the technical task of building an e-commerce platform and understanding and translating the brand’s unique identity into a digital context.

Creating a User-Centric Design

Ensuring the website’s user-centric design was crucial. The platform needed to be intuitive and easy to use, catering to diverse customers with varying digital literacy levels. This involved thorough user research, prototyping, and usability testing to create a design that meets users’ needs and preferences.

Ensuring Fast Load Times and Accessibility

Online shoppers have little patience for slow-loading websites or platforms that are difficult to navigate. Maintaining a fast, efficient, and accessible website was a critical challenge that could significantly impact user engagement and conversion rates.

Secure and Seamless Transactions

Establishing secure, seamless transactions was another significant challenge. E-commerce platforms deal with sensitive customer data, and any compromise on security can lead to a loss of customer trust. Additionally, a smooth, straightforward transaction process was vital to prevent cart abandonment and boost conversions.

SEO and Digital Visibility

As Taamara was new to the online space, boosting its digital visibility was essential. Implementing effective SEO strategies and creating engaging, SEO-friendly content were key challenges in ensuring that Taamara’s website reached its target audience.

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  • Increased Traffic: Following the launch of the e-commerce platform, there was a 45% increase in overall website traffic. This result clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the SEO strategies and digital marketing efforts put in place.
  • Improved User Engagement: The user-friendly design and seamless shopping experience led to a 30% improvement in the bounce rate. Users were spending more time on the site, exploring products, and engaging more deeply with the Taamara brand.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: The intuitive navigation, streamlined checkout process, and secure payment gateways resulted in a significant 35% rise in the conversion rate. This statistic indicated that visitors were not just browsing but were being effectively converted into customers.
  • Increased Average Order Value (AOV): With a better display of products and easier navigation, the average order value surged by 20%. This increase suggested that customers found more products they loved and were confident in making larger purchases.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Beyond the quantifiable metrics, there was a stream of positive feedback from customers who appreciated the easy-to-use, visually pleasing platform and the seamless shopping experience it provided.
  • Brand Expansion: With a newfound digital presence, Taamara could reach a wider audience, beyond the geographical constraints of their physical stores. The brand saw an expansion in its customer base, with orders coming in from previously untapped locations.

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